Melvin Washington grew up in a small town that is known for its’ knack to sell furniture; High Point, NC.  Melvin  has much life, many dreams and great visions and does not allow the small town mentality to dictate his zeal for life.  He grasps each moment of greatness, every situation of defeat and transforms experiences into love songs and cinematography. 

While Melvin Washington’s first love is music,  he is also a seasoned videographer.  He has performed many musical/vocal styles including contemporary, soft rock, easy listening and gospel. As an accomplished pianist Melvin’s innate passion to love comes across with each stroke of the keyboard.  He has created many original arrangements of love songs throughout the years. 


Lead Designer

Ciera Gibson is a native of Richmond, Virginia and was raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and has degrees in Retail Studies and Business Administration. 

Ciera has over ten years of experience in sales, merchandising and design. Her greatest passion is helping people and putting a smile on someone’s face.

She decided to become an event designer because she has always found herself decorating everything in her sight. Working in retail allowed Ciera to increase her skill set to decorate stores and focus on customer service.”

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